VZ-3/AC horizontal axis shredders are under manufacturing again!

You can order from the “0” series with unique prices!


Our company is among the country’s financially stable companies!

Our company’s financial stability is considered as Hungarian companies into no more than 0.6% who are the most stable financial security ‘3a’ backgrounds!

This would have failed without our customers!
Thank you: Dr. Lajos Deák and Levente Deák, owners

The Pottinger accomplished!

Sort Precision sowing and sowing in one machine?! Yes!

3 and 4 meters working widths of 24 and 32 line electronically controlled rotary harrows are built drill is suitable for dense rotating crops (cereals), wide spacings sowing crops (canola, corn, etc) Precision sowing. This intelligent IDS controlled seed distribution unit is able to help solve.
The machine Agritechnica silver medalist in 2014 became the year 2013 machine! Soon available. The interest is huge!



Pöttinger seedbed preparators from the country’s first-ever dealer

The FOX Pottinger D prepares special discs excellent seedbed whether small or moderate amounts of remnant harvest harvest remnant!

Combined with PÖTTINGER seed drills, this implement becomes a cost-effective 3-point-mounted mulch drill combo.

Pöttinger fox_300_traki nélkülFOX_300_D

First, the 2015th year AGROmashEXPO debut enhanced RZ-5,5 / AC shredder!


Our products new flagship of the RZ-5,5 / AC shredder planner, creator Dr. Lajos Deák


Buy Pöttinger machines from our headquater company! Pöttinger has put its trust in us since a very long time! You can trust!

Accompanying with the premium machines there are competitive prices, expertise, guarantee and 48 on-time part-replacement.


Self-produced products

Improved RZ-5.5 high performance stalk-shredder.


TFD-1ooo crane and baglifter for fertilizers, seeding machines.


M-5615 double dic fertilizers with Walterscheid driving force is available again.


Rk 2 barreled and RK-32o 4 barreled mowers are available.

rk kasza

RZ-1.5, RZ-3 genuine Mezőgép, vertical pivoted stalk shredders with hydraulic wheel-lift are available.

Rz szarzuzo

LEZ-2.o Chain forestry shredders are available for professional farmers and growers.


Rendelje meg időben tradícionális Mezőgépes termékét.

2010.évtől ÚJ fejlesztésű TFD-600/AC darugémet-zsákemelőt ajánlunk műtrágyaszórókhoz, vetőgépekhez különféle teherbírással!