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LEZ 2.0 forestry chain mulcher technical data 
Centrifugal fertiliser speader M-5615/AC technical data

Rotary mower family RK-165/AC, RK-185/AC, RK-210 technical data
Pulled rotery mower(RK-320/AC) technical data
Original RZ-1.5/AC , RZE-1.5/AC Vertical axis mulcher, field/forestry design technical data
Original improved RZ-3H/AC Vertical axis mulcher with hydraulic wheel-lifting technical data
Improved RZ-5,5/AC vertical axis mulcher technical data
TFD-1000/AC tractor mounted hydraulic crane technical data

Projectile dial fertilizer spreader (M 5615)

The type M 5615 dual-disk fertilizer spreader used with any II. and III. hitch category tractor is suitable for farms fertilizing tasks furthermore it’s capable of crop spraying grains. Specifications: High strength chassis, welded from curved plates and hollows. Container braced by bending without welding, screwed plate container, which can be increased by two kinds of boosters. Recommended tractor any which fall in the II. and III. hitch category. The way to link the device to the tractor is a three point hitch. The propulsion is trough the tractor TLT with a drive shaft.

003The 005 spreader can be adjusted to almost any kind of fertilizer. The dispenser structure’s rotation is influenced by the projectile dial, metering gap with adjustible transmission point, Beacon equipment ordered separately. Specifications: width 1900mm, length 1460mm, height: without boosters 1100mm with I. booster 1300mm with II. booster 1400mm, TLT 540 rpm, work width 18-24 m, Container volume: 0,8-1,2-1,5 m3, Weight: 250kg, transverse spreding disparity under 15%…

Rotary mowers
(RK-165, RK-185, RK-210)


Designed for mowing lawn and natural grass, alfalfa, red clover and other similar kind of hay crops. Product advantages: optimal working width, high performance, easy to change knives, suitable for tractors with different axle track, 45 degree turn by avoiding obstacles, 90 degree turn for transformation from operation to transport configuration.

Excellent groundfollow by barrel RK-320 (RK-4) type with 4 barrels rotational scythe!

The machine is able to cut and tidying shortlist grass, installed grass, alfalfa, red clover, grassed alfalfa as well as same kind of stem structure fiber crops.

– Using advantages:
– optimal working width
– big performance area
– fast swappable blades
– useable with different gauge of tractors
– proper cutting height adjustment by wish
– groundfollowing by rotary parts separately

The load on the soil can be adjusted with the help of springs, There’s a single action system for raising the mower and a Double action cyllinder to rotate the drawbar

Round baler ( M1300/H 5580) :

Round baler production is licenced by the company Heston. The baler is capable of gathering the cut hay from the windrow and compresses it into round-shaped bale. Hay includes grasses, alfalfa, and clover are common hay crops. Product advantages: thousands of machines working successfully, high performance, high reliability, suitability for a wide range of applications, high-density bales.

RZ vertical axis stalk pounder family

rz_1Rz_1A vertical axis stalk pounder machines are able to pound corn, sunflower stalk, grape vines, fruit tree trimmings up 30mm, vegetation planted for the purpose of creating green manure. Furthermore it’s capable of scattering the pounded matter, cleaning buhsy areas, maintenance of weedy lands.

Benefits: optimal work width variants, suspended and towed, small number of robust still and moving blades, high strength chassis, High load capacity bearing protected from contamination, accessories to ensure work without accidents, low energy needs. Used blade suspension and variations: Straight blades with counter blades,curved,curved twisted edge blades, with counter blades, straight blade stituated below without counter blades, Highly situated straight blade, blade curved in it’s middle,blade curved beneath, with counter blades.

2015 improved RZ-5,5 high performance foldable stalk pounder for large farms!


Advanced Original RZ-1,5 shredders for agriculture or forestry

These shredders with vertical axis, using robost crushing blades are ideal for corn and sunflower fields, vineyards, soft fruit, ideal for spreading green manure, clearing and maintainging scrub. Adjustable cutting height, with rear roller (agricultural version) or with skids (forestry version) reinforced with hard metal plates.

UNIMUX fodder mixing and distribution wagon (M 1505)

Wide range of options for filling Programmable mixture composition, optimum mixing, optimum crushing Drive Protection, Adjustable door. Applicability: One of the key factors of the economical beef cattle meat and milk production is the cattle feeding. The preparation and dispensation of the homogeneous mixed fodder by machines that are reliable from a technical point of view is a prominent importance

Forestry mulcher. Application in scrubb, bushy area and greenspace maintenance


Developped mainly for vegetation management, which can be fitted onto an agricultural tractor. This machine is applicable mainly for clearing scrubby,bushy forest trails.

TFD-1000 Crane heron:

024A TFD-1000 can be linked to the machines three hydraulic points. The heron crane moves a telescopic arm with a dual action hydraulic cyllinder. The weight that is to be lifted can be linked on the hook which is situated on the arms end. The crane can be operated from the machines hydraulic system.
Pressure regulater and fall prevention valve included

VZ-3/AC horizontal axis shredders are under manufacturing again!

You can order from the “0” series with unique prices!