Company History

Dear Mezőgép owners, partners!

In 2000 Agro-Contakt took over the prestigious Szolnoki Mezőgép’s manufacturing rights over RK 2-barrelled and RK-32o 4 barreled mower, RZ-1.5, RZ-3 stalk-shredder, M-5615 fertilizer, Hesston baler, UNIMIX forage seeder and ORKÁN silage cutters. Since then RK products have being traditionally designed by the skilled Mezőgép specialists.

Unfortunately among with our well-designed machines there are several other companies selling and dealing with poor ripoffs ruining the reputation of us. We can not let that happen!
In addition to that I would like to ask everyone to only buy original Agor-Contakt machines and parts from reliable and genuine sources. The poor should stay with the lame.

Yours sincerely, Dr. Lajos Deák, Levente Deák Levente owners Szolnoki Mezőgép “FA” Gyártási jog tulajdonos

Alapítva: 1991
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EU aid further developed welding, cutting and dyeing technology year 2013





Completely renovated in 2012. The capacity of our plant, more efficient workflow helps us.


Our production, our trade quality “helpers” serve.


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